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The 8th Annual Inspireli Awards showcased exceptional student projects from around the globe. We are so proud to sponsor an event that allows students to exhibit their remarkable talents and serves as a wellspring of inspiration for others. We extend our appreciation to all participants in the Archicad Prize category who demonstrated excellent skills and innovation.


This year's winner of the Archicad Prize is Clemens Jopp , a recent graduate with a master's degree in architecture from the Technische Universität Braunschweig in Germany. Clemens first encountered Archicad during his second year of university when he learned the basics during one of his courses. Afterward, he started on a self-learning journey, diving into the world of Archicad. Throughout his studies, Clemens saw from each design task an opportunity to master Archicad tools while experimenting with different design approaches.


In addition to this year's Archicad Prize, Clemens has won recognition in other architectural competitions. We had the opportunity to talk with him and get some insights from his experience to share with other competition hopefuls:


  • Unlocking Opportunities

Clemens emphasized the benefits of taking part in architectural competitions. He encouraged fellow students to submit their university projects to gain recognition. "It is an opportunity to express yourself, your creativity, and your work to the world. In architecture, it is key to advertise your work and to get known, so competitions are a good way to put your name on a "Google search."

  • Mastering Clarity

Unlike academic projects, in which consultants closely track the progress, in competitions, you present to a jury that doesn't know anything about the project. It requires the ability to demonstrate project concepts and information clearly and succinctly. Participating in competitions helps develop this skill to identify the most essential aspects and how to present in an exciting way without leaving any open questions.


One of Clemens' clever strategies for the Inspireli Awards was to add brief explanations to his images, helping judges understand the messages conveyed by his designs and avoiding back and forth between the project summary and the graphics.


Why does his project stand out? 

In selecting the Archicad Prize winner, we evaluated the competitor's ability to use Archicad to its fullest potential. Clemens' project showed he knew how to make the most of Archicad across a range of criteria. Check his project on

Here are the key aspects that we consider essential when evaluating projects: 


Modeling: Complexity, appropriate use of tools, level of detail

Demonstrating you can create incredible designs. Here we are looking into how you managed to:

  • Design complex shapes,
  • Create detailed models,
  • Model with appropriate element connections,   
  • Have a creative use of different tools.

It is crucial to remember that all data and documentation are generated from here, so an accurate model helps you to save time and re-work.


Sequence 01_3.gif


Documentation: Views, Model View Options, Graphical Overrides, Layouts in Archicad, Autotexts, etc.

Documenting is an important step of your project, and it is part of the workflow in Archicad.

We have a dedicated space to save all of the views you would like to have of your model. Tools allow you to control the information available in each view and the possibility to organize your technical drawings on the layouts. When evaluating this criterion, we look for:

  • Personalized views, pen sets, graphical overrides, layer combinations, etc. Example: Graphical Override for highlighting specific content on your plan. Have views for your structural plans, interior design, etc. 
  • Appropriate use of Layouts view, creating new master layouts, and the use of Autotext.
  • Use of the layouts to create banners or to export the technical details of the structure.

Showing you know how to organize and take advantage of the Documentation in Archicad is one way to demonstrate you have a seamless workflow with the software. 

Sequence 01.gif

Visualization: 3D Documents, Renders, Exploded Views

Creating graphics from your model in Archicad can help you demonstrate how your structure works and emphasize its qualities.

Here, we are checking if you can showcase your project with your most creative representations. It can be done by:

  • Creating renders
  • 3D documents of your models or part of it with 3D sections,
  • Diagrams for design concepts, accessibility analyses, exploded views, etc.
  • Use of graphical styles, from collage to realistic representations.

All the options described above can be done with Archicad, and the best part is that if there are any changes to the model it can be updated automatically.


Axonometry view in ArchicadAxonometry view in Archicad Conceptual Design SketchesConceptual Design Sketches 

Final visualization Axonometry + Sketches generated in ArchicadFinal visualization Axonometry + Sketches generated in Archicad

Axonometric view of a 3D sectionAxonometric view of a 3D section  Rendered version of the Axonometric viewRendered version of the Axonometric view


Information: Structural function, Position, Classification, Properties

Demonstrate you know how to work with BIM. Since all the information is connected, you can take all the data you need from your model.

We understand that this requires a deeper knowledge of Archicad, but some aspects can easily improve your project, such as:

  • Classifying elements correctly according to their Structural Function, Position, and application of the proper material that will be used,
  • Use of Hotlinks,
  • Creating Graphical Overrides to check collisions on the structure, position of elements, etc,
  • Add Project Info, use Zone tools for schedules, and create your own Archicad template.

These are some ways to improve your Archicad model, and they can help you extract data to create schedules, model checkups, diagrams, etc.


Next Year's Prize

Did you get excited to show your abilities in Archicad? Don't miss the opportunity to compete in the 9th Annual Inspireli Awards. Pre-registration is already open!