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Workflow Webinars Ep.6: Architectural Competitions using Archicad

Join us on May 29, 9:00 AM CEST for the 6th episode of our Workflow Webinar series, where we’ll focus on building your professional portfolio!




Tune in as 4MIND Architecture’s  Miljan Salata, Architect and BIM + Visualization CGI coordinator, and Igor Mikitišin, Architect and BIM + Construction site coordinator, take a deep dive into the detailed processes and methodologies behind their award-winning projects.


Architectural competitions are integral to 4MIND's practice -- the team considers it the best way to build a professional portfolio, especially for young architects. Over the past seven years, they have participated in numerous competitions, primarily in Serbia and Montenegro, gaining valuable experience and honing their skills in a BIM environment.


About 4MIND Architecture


4MIND is an award-winning, full-service architectural design office based in Serbia and specializing in architecture, landscape, and interior architecture. Their mission is to provide the best creative, high-quality, and cost-effective project designs. They achieve this by taking a comprehensive approach to each project, evaluating the needs of the client and the necessities of the site to determine the most appropriate solutions. Their expertise spans contemporary architecture with a focus on formal expression, functional aspects, applied materials, building technologies, sustainable efficiency, social responsibility, and affordances.


Competitions and achievements


1. Memorial Center and World War I Museum at Mountain Cer, Serbia (2018) - First Prize

This project included the team's first use of the Rhino Grasshopper-Archicad connection for facade design. The facade pixels were generated in Grasshopper and directly transferred to Archicad, significantly enhancing their design workflow and methodology.


2. New Faculty for Musical Arts in Belgrade, Serbia (2022) - Final Entry

For this UNDP competition, 4MIND advanced their use of parametric elements and the Rhino Grasshopper-Archicad connection. This was also their first submission to use live connections to Twinmotion, the visualization tool, resulting in impressive animations and visual rendering.


3. New Electrical Faculty and Technical Campus in Belgrade, Serbia (2023) - First Prize

The team applied their accumulated BIM knowledge to the submission and developed the project for permissions within six months after winning. They completed 90% of the project documentation in BIM, leading to efficient cost calculations and a construction site IFC model with their colleagues from Bexel Manager.


4. Museum of Contemporary Arts and Natural History Museum with Botanical Garden in Podgorica, Montenegro (2024) - First Honorable Mention

Competing against renowned international offices, their first honorable mention was a significant achievement. They utilized new features in Archicad 27, such as Design Options and AI Visualizer during the concept development.


What you will learn from this webinar


  • Archicad workflows from first design sketch to BIM Model
  • Live connection workflows with Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Twinmotion, Corona
  • How to collaboratively develop a project with BIM using documentation provided by architects and associate engineers


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