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Wishlist spring cleaning

Dear Graphisoft Community Members, 


Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce the start of a long-awaited new project: A new generation Community-based Wishlist and Public Roadmap! This initiative has been requested by many of our users for a while now, and we've been hard at work in the background putting together a process for its implementation. Here it goes! 


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Our new Wishlist will serve as a single transparent platform for you to share your feedback and see your wishes validated. Integrated into our Community features and available in all community-supported languages, it will allow registered Graphisoft customers to suggest ideas, comment, like, and vote.  


What sets this system apart is its commitment to transparency – validated and upvoted wishes on the community will get statuses assigned by our Product team. But that's not all. The Wishlist will be linked directly to our Graphisoft roadmap, empowering you to shape the future of Archicad, BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad. 


To ensure an efficient wish management process and valid feedback on submitted wishes, and to reduce the risk of spam, new wish submission will be limited to customers who are on subscription/FWD/SSA plans, EDU and academia registered users and members of the Insider Panel. 


To make this happen, we need your help! 


The existing Wishes forum has accumulated numerous great ideas over the years, many of which have already been incorporated into our products. Now, it's time to shine a spotlight on the remaining hidden gems and prioritize the wishes that still hold immense value to our Graphisoft product line. 


We'll start this new chapter with a comprehensive clean-up of the existing Wishes forum. After the first phase of voting comes to a close, the top 100 wishes in the international community and the top 100 wishes in the German community will be selected to be transferred to the Product team. 


You can vote for your Top wishes from now until June 30th 


Here's how to get involved: 

  1. Review existing wishes: Browse through existing wishes and like the ones you support. Use the topic labels on the right panel of the Wishlist forum to filter wishes you’re interested in. Like and support the ideas you find important. 
  2. Use the Search bar: Check to see if your idea is already on the forum before submitting. Search directly on the Wishes board using the search field at the top of the site. 
  3. Vote and Comment: Support ideas you believe in by pressing the 'like’ button next to them. 
  4. Submit Your Ideas: Share your own thoughtful suggestions. 


Before diving in with your own ideas, take a moment to explore what's already been suggested. Remember, the more likes for the same cause, the stronger the message and the higher priority it will receive during our cleanup action. Avoid duplicates to ensure the best ideas rise to the top. 



The top 100 most upvoted wishes will undergo automatic evaluation for potential inclusion in our Product Management and Development roadmap. However, it's important to note that inclusion in this Wishlist doesn't guarantee automatic integration into our product lines. Our dedicated team will assess these wishes in their usual planning process, considering technical requirements, dependencies, feasibility, and alignment with current and future product and business plans.  


For all detailed questions on participation, check out our dedicated Wishlist FAQ. 


We've laid out a detailed plan for Wishlist implementation: 


  • Phase 1 (May 14 - July 1st): Spring cleaning in the existing Wishes forum. 
  • Phase 2 (Q3): Migration of the selected wishes to the new Wishlist system, community developments, and connection with internal processes. 
  • Phase 3 (Q3-Q4): New-gen Community-based Wishlist and Public Roadmap Beta release, bug fixes, and adjustments. 
  • Phase 4 (End of 2024): Operation phase and feedback analysis. 


We understand the anticipation surrounding the integration of your wishes and the desire for transparent impact on our roadmap -- which is why we're committed to getting this right and well-integrated in our processes. We'll keep you updated on the phases and provide insights into the behind-the-scenes processes of product planning. 


Your participation shapes the future of our products. Let's make Spring cleanup count for future impact! 


Warm regards, 

Graphisoft Community team