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Spring cleanup - Frequently Asked Questions

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

About the spring cleanup

What is the spring cleanup?

Please read our announcement on Graphisoft Insights.

Who can participate?

Members with Forward subscriptions/SSA/service contracts can vote on all the existing wishes or enter new wishes into the Community.


Graphisoft ID and Community account-related questions

How do I register a Community account?

Please read the quick step-by-step guide: How to Sign up for Graphisoft Community

How can I check and connect my service contract / subscription to my Graphisoft ID Community account?

Subscription/Forward information is checked via the Graphisoft ID account you used at registration.  Graphisoft ID and service contracts

I have an existing account that is not connected to my Forward / SSA subscription. What should I do?

Please register on Community with the Graphisoft ID to which your subscription is tied.


Wishes on Graphisoft Community

How can I vote on the wishes I like?

There is a thumbs-up icon at the bottom of the topic starter message next to the Reply button.  Press the icon to submit your vote.



How can I check if I voted on a wish already?

When you successfully vote on a wish, the Like icon changes color.


Not voted yet






You’ll see the list of users who voted on the same wish as you by clicking on the number of likes next to the thumbs-up icon.



How many wishes can I vote on?

There is no limit – you can vote on as many wishes as you want!

How many times can I vote on a single wish?

You can submit only one vote on each wish per user account.

Can I revoke my vote on a wish?

Yes, you can.  Click on the thumbs-up icon again to revoke your vote.

Why can I not like replies?

Likes are equal to votes on the Wishes board; therefore, we want to ensure that the different intentions (voting vs. supporting a reply) are not mixed.

Can I promote my wish on Graphisoft Community?

You can promote your wishes by adding their links to your signature.
How do I set up my signature?

How can I search on the wish list?

Use the topic labels on the right panel of the wishlist forum to browse through wishes you’re interested in. Search directly on the Wishes board using the search field at the top of the site.  For more details, please read ‘Searching on Graphisoft Community.’

Can I enter new wishes while the cleanup is running?

Yes, you can enter new wishes.  However, we recommend you check the list of existing wishes—somebody might have already posted the wish you are looking for, and voting on the existing wish can improve the chances of it being selected by Graphisoft for further review.


If you still cannot enter new wishes, please check if your Graphisoft ID is linked to a service contract/subscription.

How should I submit my wishes?

Please make the subject line of your wish a concise summary of the feature you are requesting, and post only one wish per topic.  This helps the other Community members and Graphisoft’s Product Team to understand your wish better and support your idea or join the conversation.

Can I submit several requests in one?

Please submit only one wish per topic. Posting a list of many things makes it difficult to highlight and discuss the important details with any of the Community members. Voting is vague at best as to which or all the features someone else supports.

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