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AC 22 & Catalina Crashing?

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I recently updated my Mac (Late 2014 iMac) to Catalina and shortly thereafter began to have crashes regularly in the two projects I am doing most work in currently. I can't say for sure of course that the upgrade caused the problem but I rarely had crashes before and now I have them at least a few times a day.

I am running the latest versions of AC 22 (build 7000) and Catalina (10.15.4).

The crashes seem to be related to 3D view generation as my sense is that they occur most often when opening a 3d window - either the perspective view or interior elevations in my case.

I did see a note about using a pervious version of the hardware key driver and installed that but the crashes continued. Perhaps I didn't do that correctly but I'm not sure how to check or verify that I have the right one.

Any help appreciated - this definitely makes it hard to get work done!!

EDIT - I just opened up the CodeMeter app and found the log - it does show a bunch of errors, all right about when it crashed I think. They are:
2020-05-12 13:57:34: Entry (5000003:63:134479871) not found - Event WB0200 (ENTRY NOT FOUND), Request IP-Address local(IPV6)(Chris) with StationShare Mode
2020-05-12 13:57:34: API Error 200 (ENTRY NOT FOUND) occurred!
I also see that it is version 6.60a if that helps.

I re-checked the code meter/wibu key help page - - and I think I didn't understand it properly. There is a note linking to the correct Wibu key river for Catalina but that appears to apply only to Archicad 10-18 and I definitely have the code meter-type key. So I guess it makes sense that installing that didn't help.

I am thinking I should uninstall it and make sure I have the correct, latest code meter installed and see what happens?

Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hi Chris,

Thank you for your question and I am very sorry about the issue!

From your description, I have a hunch that CodeMeter has little to do with the issue here. First, let's start with the crash. Did you manage to send the crash report to us via the Bug Reporter? If yes, could you please send me the bug IDs for checking? It may reveal what made ARCHICAD crash under the hood!

If you didn't write down the number, don't worry, it can be found in a file called SubmissionLog.txt in /Users/*username*/Library/Logs (it's a hidden folder, so you may have to do some tricks to make it visible).

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer