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Any computer recommendations??? Buying a new computer

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I just bought Archicad 14..looking into a new comp..just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for graphics cards, etc?? I also have artlantis studio on the way.We will be doing a few bit of real life rendering and video walk throughs for advertising.

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After researching I found for performance gains vs cost, it is not worth going for triple channel memory. I went for an LGA 1156 socket over the more expensive LGA 1366 as the LGA 1156 supports Dual channel memory. Also the LGA 1366 I would also put into the performance gains vs cost were not worth the price you pay either.

I just built a new pc, LGA1156 motherboard with intel i5 750. Its probably the best value for money cpu on the market at the moment and effectively comes from the i7 range, the only difference is that it doesn't have hyper threading but is still a quad core.
And benchmarks show its almost the same if not as good as the i7 860 but you pay alot less. The price difference between the two ment I could spend more money on more RAM.

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