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Any recommendations on Virtual PC 6.0

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I am looking to buy a new G5 sometime in the near future. I have heard that they come with the newest version of Virtual PC (not sure if that is 6.0 or 2004). Does anyone know if this is true. I was also wondering if anyone has used either of these on a G5 and what they thought about them. I need to run a couple of PC Applications and if Virtual PC was fast enough to do that and was better than previous versions of the software it would be great. So if anybody has any pros or cons on this or advice or recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated.
Aussie John
v6 doesnt run on a G5 so it would be 2004.
I use Virtual PC sucessfully to view manufacturers CDs (& buidling code and standards) which never come in mac version. I wouldnt like to run anything processor intensive but then again I dont have a G5.
Cheers John
John Hyland : ARINA :
User ver 4 to 12 - Jumped to v22 - so many options and settings!!!
OSX 10.15.6 [Catalina] : Archicad 22 : 15" MacBook Pro 2019
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