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Archicad 18 --- My shortcuts don't WORK !! f..k

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I'm with archicad 18, but i had the same problem with the previous versions. I'm desperate, because i have lot of work to do and its awful without shortcuts. I didnt find any solution to my problem in the forum. Thank you....
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i am facing the same problem with aRCH18 and think -if remember correctly-i had it with earlier versions of archicad also.
While all shorcuts work ok for a while (Ctrl+T, Ctrl+l, Ctrl+D etc) after some time of working on a project - i still havent determine when exactly- they dont work anymore.
also in fly mode (F3 mode) the keys " w,a,s,d" you use to explore they also stop working, so i have to use the arrow keys to navigate - those still work.
I have the program running in two different pcs with different keyboards etc and recently updated to version 7007 - in order to determine if it was a harware related issue but i am facing the same problem in both pcs.
if anyone can help ?
I've been having the same problem and I think the solution is simple: for those shortcuts to work (like ctrl+D or ctrl+shift+D) - you need to select the object first then use the shortcut.
Maybe this will help

Had a similar problem in our office, but our solution was a bit different. A couple of our users had background apps such as a third-party snipping tool for screenshots that had some of the same shortcuts as Archicad. We had to go into those specific apps and disable those shortcuts to allow for the shortcuts in AC to work again.

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