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Archicad + Macbook M2Max: HUGE performance problem

Good morning!.I'm quite shocked, I admit it. Yesterday I finally set up my workstation by inserting my new 16" MacBook Pro with M2 Max and 64Gb of ram (the most powerful notebook currently available from Apple that I paid €5100 including Apple Care)....

Unabend by Booster
  • 13 replies

Drag & Copy not working all of a sudden

Hi There, Need help with a technical problem. All of a sudden, my drag and copy shortcut is not working. I have tried opening multiple files and uninstalling and reinstalling and still the same issue. I asked my team if they are having the same issue...

3D V-Cache and CPU Performance

Hi all, while @Minh Nguyen has compiled truly great guides and comparisons for GPUs, I cannot find detailed information on CPU performance in Archicad.My parents have been struggling with slow 2D navigation (redraw?) in large projects, hence I'll upg...

rigoschr by Participant
  • 1 replies

Archicad 26 mac intel - performance issues

Hi,I have just updated to 26 from 25 and I am experiencing quite considerable performance issues. Selecting tools , panning, drawing and everything is lagging and feels waaaay slower than 25. I tried to compare with 25 on identical project and the di...

Archicad 26 - unreliable version?

Im not sure i'm posting this in the right "location" but anyhow: I'm having constant problems with Archicad 26. Does not matter if I work in a teamwork file och solo. Solo files have to be repaired once or twice a week, sometimes more. We have had tw...

Frillex by Advocate
  • 6 replies

BIMcloud and License Manager Tool for Apple Silicon

Hi there Since at least most may work with a native Mac version for Apple Silicon (we are unfortunately still eagerly waiting for the CH version) and we have a new server coming, a question about native versions:Is there already somewhere a native Ap...

blgp by Booster
  • 12 replies