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Archicad + Macbook M2Max: HUGE performance problem


Good morning!.
I'm quite shocked, I admit it. Yesterday I finally set up my workstation by inserting my new 16" MacBook Pro with M2 Max and 64Gb of ram (the most powerful notebook currently available from Apple that I paid €5100 including Apple Care). My software main one is Archicad I download the version for Apple Silicon and install it without problems.
I immediately try to use one of my files which seemed a bit heavy to manage with the HP Z4. It is a file where there are almost only Worksheets, in which I have imported quite heavy dwg files (executive project of a building). My Hp Z4 has the following specs (three year old computer): Windows 11 pro 64 - Intel i9-10900X 3.70GHz - AMD Radeon Pro W5500.
Well. Opening the file with the Z4, I've always noticed that Archicad doesn't like, actually hates, imported dwg files. He gets heavy, he can't stand it, he becomes slow. And this was already a huge disappointment in my transition from Revit to Archicad (but never mind, that's how it went by now). In any case, despite some hesitation in doing especially Pan and Zoom in the worksheet, in the end we manage to work on it anyway. With some small problems but it can be done.
By buying the MacBook I was convinced, also based on the stories of my fellow engineers and architects, that the difference between the MacBook and the Z4, in the use of Archicad, would be HUGE! But no. To my great surprise, if you try to Pan and Zoom in the same file using Archicad for Apple Silicon, the color wheel immediately appears and turns, and turns, and turns... after a few seconds it stops turning and disappears, and at that point manages to navigate that worksheet just fine. But then, maybe I magnify a detail a lot, and I work on it. Then I need to review the entire worksheet, I zoom in to see the whole drawing, and here's the colored wheel again spinning, spinning...
I am very frightened by this very evident difference with my "old" HP. But mostly angry, for making a purchase without first being 100% SURE it was right for me.
I read here on the forum that many have had problems with Archicad and Apple Silicon M1. Maybe they are not fixed even for Apple M2?
I call Apple tomorrow morning and ask if I can return the computer (I still should be by day 14). Unless some of you with his experience make me understand that I'm wrong, and explain where I'm wrong!
Thank you all




I tried uninstalling the apple silicon version and installing the intel version. It's much better, crazy... This means something even more ugly and that is that Graphisoft hasn't managed to create even today, years after the release of M2, a version of Archicad suitable for the new processor. Disturbing, considering how much Macs cost and that especially in the workplace nobody has time to wait months and months to see their main software work well.
Is it possible that Archicad, native Mac software, is better optimized for Windows than for macOS???


This is quite problematic.
But my experience is also that Archicad is not responding (scaling up in terms of speed and responsiveness) directly to better hardware. I can only speak about Intel Macs. For example, there is not much of a difference between a high-end iMac Pro and an (even older) iMac or MacPro. They all behave basically the same during their daily AC work routines. Archicad speed is NOT much improving performance with better hardware, not at all in relation to the huge price jumps that it means with high-end Apple products. You will not get more/faster performance for shelling out more money. This is so sad...

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years after the release of M2


Um... the base M2 only came out just over a year ago... And the M1 less than 3...

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Eduardo Rolon

Also, not all M1 or M2 users are reporting these kind of problems and not that many in the forum either. 

Going from a Intel Mac to Apple Silicon the difference is extremely obvious but going from Win to Mac I don't have the experience so my recommendation is for him to return his MBP and go back to the Z4.


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Erwin Edel

Out of curiousity, how many 2D elements are on one worksheet?


I've dealt with horrible DWGs in the past, where, for example, a tree was made up out of thousands of lines and that tree symbol was then used to populate half a forest, leading to an insane amount of tiny 2D lines. I've never used Revit, but I can't imagine it being happy with that either.

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Based on @Unabend post it shouldn't matter how bad the exploded/imported DWG is since his old Z4 handles them without issues.

Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
AC27 US/INT -> AC08

Macbook Pro M1 Max 64GB ram, OS X 10.XX latest
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Since a month use the same 16" MacBook Pro with M2 Max and 64Gb and I can compare its performance to my previous WIN 11 desktop i7-11700 32GB, RTX3080.

With residential project about 9000sqm (480Mb) in my opinion performance is similar, maybe a bit better on Mac. But is not a big difference. I've also expected better performance in Archicad. It seemed to work slower at first run so I turned off ultra safe (save every step) option in data safety and changed it to safe (see every 5 min), I've also turned off background update of drawings - the same settings which I had on my Windows desktop.


Thank you all for your contribution!
I contacted Graphisoft technical assistance, who kindly helped me understand the problem, or at least gave me their interpretation of the problem. It would therefore be a problem of managing the many hatch present in my dwg imported into the Worksheet.
The Graphisoft technician claims that by eliminating a certain type of hatch and inserting others of a "standard" type, the problem disappears. And in fact the new file runs much better even with the Apple Silicon version of Archicad. The number of objects in the worksheet is approximately 270,000. The technician then showed me that Archicad can handle well even a worksheet with a million and a half objects. In both cases, the Silicon version is nearly twice as fast as the Intel at executing the zoom-to-full-screen command.

Hi Romans,

I have this suspicion too, but for me it's too early in using Archicad with Mac to have "proof" of all this...


thanks Sebastian, your opinion shows me that my sensations are quite correct: unfortunately Apple is not interested in our sector at all, so maybe that's why applications like Archicad don't find particular benefit in their Mac versions...