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Archicad and Crossfire compatibility

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I'm trying to build a workstation for a friend. He uses mainly ArchiCAD on his computer. My question is very simple (but I didn't found a clear answer anywhere) : is archiCAD working with a crossfire (or SLI) configuration ? Is it really worth it or should I choose one "pro" GPU instead of two "gaming" GPUs for the same price ?

Thank you
Karl Ottenstein
RAM, single core turbo speed, and the total number of cores is general more important to ARCHICAD than the graphics card. But, a decent standards-compliant card is still needed. Doesn't need to be a top-of-the line card, although a recent story reports that with the drop in bitcoin pricing, graphics card availability is beginning to be good again.

I don't believe that ARCHICAD can take advantage of multiple cards, but don't see a reason to complicate long-term upgradability for your client by doing other than a single card.
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