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Archicad key is unable to upgrade using license manager


I'm upgrading to Archicad 25 on windows 10 on a new computer. Archicad installed alright and it works, but

I'm trying to upgrade the key but the license manager does not recognize that the key is plugged in .I have updated the license manager tool (the green button on the screen) to no avail, I have also tried to plug and unplug the key with no success.


Barry Kelly

Sounds like either the key has become corrupted (damaged) in some way, or the USB port is not working.

Try a different USB port.

If you have the License Manager Tool on another computer, you can try upgrading the key there.


I assume the key used to work with you previous version (24?).

Is that still the case - can you still run your previous version with that key?



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Minh Nguyen
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Thank you very much for the question!


What Barry has suggested is a pretty good start. I'm wondering if you have tried it?

Generally, if Archicad can run with the key, then the problem might come from the License Manager tool. I'm wondering if you are trying to update from Archicad 24 to 25 or something else?


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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