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Installation & update
About program installation and update, hardware, operating systems, setup, etc.

Comparing Apples' with, other fruits??

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Looking and reading from this forum,
the eternal question this time round, is as diverse as the array of possible options.

I too have ArchiCAD 12, and hold my self in suspense of the decision I have to make.

Move away from my PC past history - into a Mac??

This is a tough decision to call - maybe not by the opinions of some, however - but still a tough call.

12 needs a contemporary operating environment;
No more running on older PC's or Macs for that matter - Correct?

Does it really matter which system/os is used??
I am not so sure that it does.

Regardless, of which is chosen - it will be the decision time again in another two years.

So make a selection that amortises the budgeted outlay over the next two years - and be done with the decision making??

Do others agree??
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