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Latest NVidia driver 163.75 problems anyone?

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I like to stay current as much as the next guy but this latest driver from NVidia 163.75 is causing some wack-a-doodle tricks in my 3D window.
Model will disappear to gray screen, flashing, blinking window...cant select objects...panning-scrolling problems......etc...

I reverted back to driver 162.18 and seems to fix the problem.

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Yup.. 163.75 no stable in AC11
My system Vista Ultimate X64 and grafik card 8800 GTX some problem blinking window, panning-scrolling problems
Choose Driver 162.18 very very stable on system Win XP Pro SP2, 8800 GTX or Card 7900 series.

Thx, Eddy

nvidia cards seem to have issues with AC11, already discussed, the latest comments here:

but there is a lot more complains about nvidia cards all around the forum...

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Of course, I've heard complaints about ATI as well, and the "broken glass" problem seems to relate to some of their older cards. I think it's just that drivers (whether video or printer) tend to be troublesome bits of technology. Basically anything that allows the computer to get any actual work done. Or put another way, most problems seem to arise at the interface with the analog world.

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