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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Marton Kiss

Supported ARCHICAD versions

ARCHICAD 20 and newer versions are incompatible with OS X 10.7 Lion (they cannot be installed). ARCHICAD 18 and 19 can run on OS X 10.7 Lion, but the compatibility is not tested by GRAPHISOFT. ARCHICAD 14-17 are supported on OS X 10.7 Lion. The only issue that you should consider before migration is: the font related performance issue. ARCHICAD 10, 11, 12 and 13 versions are not supported versions but based on our experiences these versions run well on OS X 10.7 Lion. The known issues related to the discontinued Rosetta environment:
  • hotfix installers for ARCHICAD 10 and 11 may indicate an error though the install will be successful.
  • The installer of ARCHICAD 10 and 11 Add-Ons cannot be run on OS X Lion.Make sure you have the Java patch installed for your older version: Bugs/CannotSavePdfAfterJavaUpdate

Other supported GRAPHISOFT Products

BIM Server and BIMcloud:
  • BIM Server v18  and BIMcloud run on OS X 10.7 Lion but the compatibility is not tested by GRAPHISOFT.
  • BIM Server v16 and v17 run on OS X 10.7 Lion
BIMx Desktop Viewer:
  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is compatible with BIMx 18 but not tested by GRAPHISOFT
  • BIMx 16 and 17 are tested and supported by GRAPHISOFT

Migration checklist

  • Consult Bugs/SlowTextDrawingOnLion to see how your fonts perform on Lion
  • After migrating to Lion, install the latest OS X update - 10.7.3
  • Install the latest ARCHICAD hotfix
  • If you have an installed BIM Server on your computer, consult Teamwork/BimServerLionMigration
  • Read this article to be aware of other issues
After the final release of Mac OS X Lion GRAPHISOFT has identified a major font related performance issue and advised to consider the migration to the new operating system. The latest system update (10.7.2) fixed the handling of most of the fonts, though there are still problematic ones.

Rosetta Environment Discontinued

The Rosetta environment is discontinued in 10.7. This means that applications developed for the PowerPC processor will not run on Lion. As a consequence, ARCHICAD10 will be the oldest version running on OS X 10.7 Lion and files created with ARCHICAD 6.0 or older will not open on OS 10.7. PlotFlow, which is also a PPC application, won't work either (it is no longer part of the ARCHICAD package from AC15).
ARCHICAD 6.0 and older files need to be migrated with the help of the ARCHICAD File Converters before upgrading to OS X 10.7. Running ARCHICAD 10 and 11 hotfixes may indicate the following error: You can't open the application plutil because PowerPC applications are no longer supported. As the Intel version of plutil is a default part of OS X Lion, these kind of error messages can be ignored, the installation will be successful. The installer of AC 10/11 Add-Ons is using a Power PC based code so those Add-Ons cannot be installed on OS X Lion with the installer.

BIM Server doesn't start after migrating to Lion

For detailed description how to fix your Bim Server see: Teamwork/BimServerLionMigration

BIMx - Virtual Building Explorer crashes

The program crashes after opening file dialogs, as a result opening and saving in BIMx is not possible on 10.7.
This has been already fixed in the first ARCHICAD 15 hotfix build 3267 and also in the last ARCHICAD 14 hotfix build 4044.

Cannot open files with 'Launch a new instance of ARCHICAD option'

In ARCHICAD 14 and older version you cannot open an other plan with Launch a new instance of ARCHICAD option. The new instance won't be started, turns to not responding state and needs to be force quit. If you would like to open more ARCHICAD instances choose new and Launch a new instance of ARCHICAD option to start the new instance, then you will be able to open any file.
This bug affects only ARCHICAD 14 and older versions.
NOTE:t his bug is fixed in ARCHICAD 14 Hotfix #6 (4204)

GDL Web Control cannot be installed

The plugin cannot be installed, gives an error Error: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins is not writable.

Java Runtime

Java Runtime is not a default part of the Lion package. When running the first application that requires Java it can be automatically installed. When starting the installation a similar message appears:
Follow the steps to install Java and then you will be able to install the Graphisoft products. For computers without Internet connection, the package can be downloaded from Apple's website and then transferred to the computer where it needs to be installed.

Upgrading keyplugs

General recommendations: RemoteKeyUpgrade In Mac OS X Lion Java plug-in is disabled by default since Java for OS X 2012-003 software update. If shows error message and 'Inactive Plug-in' text appears on the upper left corner of the site please visit this article for the solution: Bugs/KeyUpgradeProblemOnLion

Protection key driver issues (CodeMeter, Wibu)

Wibu Systems has fixed a couple of Lion specific issues in CodeMeter driver version 4.30c so it is strongly recommended to upgrade to that version. The driver can be downloaded from here. The Wibu driver that is included with ARCHICAD 15 is compatible with OS X Lion.

Installation Package Creation fails

When installing ARCHICAD with Installation Package Creation option the result file won't be created.
Lion requires authentication when writing to system volumes and the default path is the root of the system drive. When the installer prompts the destination folder specify one that the current user can write e.g. any folders within the userhome folder, such as desktop.
This problem affects the following ARCHICAD 15 versions: AUS, AUT, FRA, GER, HUN, INT, ITA, NZE, USA all other ARCHICAD 15 versions have a new installer package that checks the permissions for the chosen folder.

Library folder is hidden by default

The Library folder within the userhome folder is hidden by default where Graphisoft related preferences are stored such us local caches of TeamWork projects and DWG/IFC translators. To browser the ~/Library folder:
  • In Finder choose Go, Go To Folder
  • Type ~/Library
  • Click go to navigate to the Library folder
  • Or simply press option (alt) when the Go menu is open in Finder to show Library on the list

Characters are not visible when typing a text

In case you create a textbox with double-click (no predefined textbox) the characters may be invisible until you finish a word. After hitting space the full word will be visible.

Lion features

Reversed scrolling and zooming

Lion has a new way how scrolling works, similar how it works on iOS devices. As a result the content moves in the way the gesture was made not the scroll bar is controlled by the gesture. If you prefer the old fashioned way, it can be restored in System Preferences - Mouse/Trackpad settings.

Auto Save and Versions are not supported

Please note that the Apple's "Auto Save" and "Versions" technology built in Lion is not supported by ARCHICAD so always save your work before closing the program. (Note that ARCHICAD 15 also has a built-in autosave system that saves every step of your work)


The ARCHICAD icon (14-15) might be missing when opening the Graphisoft group in Launchpad also all apps from the ARCHICAD folders are listed there so it is bit hard to launch ARCHICAD from there.
To fix the icon simply create an alias by right clicking (ctrl click) on the and move that into the root of your Application folder. The alias will be listed with the correct icon and can be used to launch ARCHICAD. If the icon is represented well you can simply drag the ARCHICAD icon from the Graphisoft group and place to the preferred location.

Full-Screen Apps

ARCHICAD does not support this new full screen mode.

Offline Time Machine

OSX's built in backup tool - Time Machine - has a new feature that it creates local backups even the computer is far from the backup disc (by creating local caches). This means that files can be recovered or unwanted changes reverted, even the backup disc hasn't been connected for days.

Letters with accents

Holding down a key in OSX Lion displays a bubble from which you can select (using the number keys) that letter with accents, umlauts, etc. This works in ARCHICAD as well.

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