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Password Bank??

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I do not know if it just my computer or not, but every time i open archicad 12 and after i have been working in it for a while, all of a sudden, a little window pops up saying: (on the title block) Password Bank. And in the window it says: Abstract Error. And below it it has an "ok" button to press. The other problem with this is that the little window pops up every second even when I press the OK button or the X button. Once it does that 50 times, another window pops up saying (in the title block) Microsoft windows, (inside window) "PwdBank.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." (Close program).
This only happens when I run Archicad, so I do not think it is just a windows problem.
If anyone out there is experiencing the same thing or something similar, please let me know so I can fix this problem.
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Google is usually your best bet for random error messages.

A quick search for "PwdBank.exe has stopped working" brings up -

relating to a toshiba laptop. Any help?
Thomas Holm
What version do you have? Trial? Student? Cracked?
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i have student version 12, and no matter what i do it still pops up
this sounds familiar. I would venture a guess that its an incompatibility with your anti-virus application. ???
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well. i have norton computer, which is an alienware, has a lot of its own security like facial recognition, fingerprint reader and password stuff. when i go online to access site that need a username and password, a window pops up asking for my fingerprint for ease of access instead of typing everything, maybe that has something to do with it. Also, I cannot find pwdbank.exe anywhere on my computer to even stop it, and like i said before, it only ever happens when archicad is open.
tarrantking289 wrote:
well. i have norton security...
Ah, Norton "bloatware" Security! 😉

Tarrant, it looks like it could be the fingerprint reader after all (scroll down to the last message in the thread):
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