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Publisher set won't allow changes

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I am trying to move or delete sheets in the publisher set. When I try to drag a sheet I just get the not allowed symbol. When I right click and chose delete on a sheet nothing happens. I can drag the sheet outside of the set and it will create a copy. I can create a new layout and it will show up in the cd set.
I have tested it on AC 22 full version and on AC 22 Solo version on 2 different computers ans 2 different files. Another user was able to do what was needed on the same file.
What is going on?

Barry Kelly
If your publisher set folder icon has a little black arrow on it, then it is a 'clone' or 'shortcut' of the layout pages.
So you make the changes in the layouts and that will automatically done in the publisher sets for your.

If you want to control the layouts and publisher sets separately, then in the Organiser you just drag the layouts you want into the publishers sets, and don't use the 'create shortcut' button.

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My bad. I just realized that I was trying to change it in the wrong place. It works fine in the layouts tab.

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