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Publisher won't publish DWG of View Set, OK from Layout

Scott Bulmer
For DWG export of View Set, we are unable to publish a 3 acre site plan for an 80 unit condominium, and I don't know why.

All is set up properly within the View Set settings (no exclamation points) as well as the DWG settings. THEN when the publisher button is hit, exclamation points suddenly appear for the view set settings, and the DWG file fails to be created with the attached error message.

I'm feeling a little like a second tier beta tester, but hoping I'm just making another mistake somehow. Thanks for any insights.

We were able to publish a DWG file of the site plan after placing the view set onto a layout sheet. However, we continue to receive the same error when attempting to publish a view solely. Figure that out.
AC27 v. 4060 w/ MEP, Cadimage, Twinmotion 2023.2.2 using AC from AC6.0, 2021 MacPro M1 chip, Adobe CC. Used AC on both platforms.
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