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!Restored: how to download hotfixs without "checking for updates&q

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i need to find the hotfix 1010 for mactel WITHOUT having to use the check for updates link. have mactel at home and only a dail-up connection, want to download on office mac and take home on a memory stick. searched high and low on web and in graphisoft's pages > i know its there somewhere, can you give me a link?
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Try this:
or this:

which is a generic page for anyone to use. fill in the details for your version, build, type and country . . .

b e n f r o s t
b f [a t ] p l a n b a r c h i t e c t u r e [d o t] n z
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thanks > i had found the generic link, and filled in the info; that link does a check of the system from which i am submitting from and returns the message that my archicad is up to date. the link that matthew offered does take me to the actual download page > thank you.

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