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Unique Workspace Profiles for External Displays? 🖥️


Hi All, I'm just wondering how y'all approach, organizing your workspace (toolbars, palettes, etc) when bouncing between laptop and external displays? I've always used separate profiles for each, but I'm wondering if there's an easier or "smarter" way to approach (or automate) this. I typically mirror my display but I'm curious how others approach the workspace issue of moving between smaller and larger, or even multiple displays?

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Hi Chris,


For me I got extended display set up. On the other monitor i created a toolbar with all the commands display (those that i use most of the time). Then I got another profile where all the toolbars will be placed as drop down menus in one window (since i want bigger model space to work with), if I need to compare two Archicad files side by side. Just switching profiles as I need. 😎


In the end what is your Objective?
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