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twin processors slacking off

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hi, i've got a twin opteron system and when i'm using archicad 8.1 it never gets up above about 60% on either processor, even when it's updating sections and rendering. is there a reason for this? when i'm using photoshop or max it goes to 100% if i'm hammering it. i feel a bit cheated that my processors are taking time off when it could be me!

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Sir wig:
You can try posting your question at
These guys will surely know what and how a dual opty rig works.
Ever since I started using dual cpu rigs ,this is the place Ive always gone when I have a dual cpu tech question.

Now from my experience ( dual MP2800s) my cpu usage never gets above 60% as well. If I am rendering, then Ill see the cpu usage spike to 100% at times.

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