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weird pixellation in OpenGL AC11 on Mactel Pro ATI R. X1900

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Has anyone experenced this tiled pixellation in openGL (see below)

I sent the screen shots to someone here at Graphisoft Australia, and they had not seen this before, and asked for the AC file. I sent it to them, but have not heard back.

If i open the model on my MacbookPro (also AC11 on Intel), I do not have the issue (nor on the G5 or G4)., I'm thinking it must be the Graphics Card.

It is an ATI Radeon X1900XT/ 521MB RAM

So, maybe it is a fault with this particular card, in which case i can get it replaced by apple (i think). Otherwise it may be an issue with the X1900 itself???

The pixellation can get much worse than this... covering the whole 3D window sometimes, and makes working in the 3D window nearly impossible. (it does not occur in internal engine)

I also ran the Hardware test through 3 passes, with no errors.

It soundl like Apple are willing to replace my Graphics Card, but i don't want this to occur to my new one.


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Although I haven't experienced this in ArchiCAD, my home pc with an ATI X800 Pro graphics card used to do something similar when playing games after a while.

I believe the problem may have been to do with overheating as if I switched out of the program and left it for five mins to cool down, it would sort itself out.

It might be worth checking the fan on the card is running freely. Also check the card temperature in the driver settings both at idle and after working in AC for a time. I seem to remember my X800 hit around 60-70 degreesC after running at full whack.

If you are running the latest graphics drivers on that machine and it's still not working correctly, it wouldn't do any harm trying a replacement one from apple if its covered under the warranty.
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It doesn't seem to be a heat issue... as it is a new machine, it is pretty clean inside (i had a look), the fans unobstructed etc, and after having the machine switched off all night, i turned it on, loaded up a file, and the issue is still there... see below (???)
thanks, i think i'll look at replacing it.
...Hopefully it's not a compatibility issue though.

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