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working with wacom bamboo

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i have a gerenell question. I just bought myself the bamboo touch and pen tableau and startet working with it in archi-cad.
but i'm not sure, is there any way i can use the "weell" function of a mouse, the typical scrolling with the pen? it just has the right click option and some other things, but scrolling, i mean zooming doesn't really work. Well i can zoom by clicking one button and sliding up and down the tableau but i can't really control the movement of the zooming.
maybee i need a plug-in or something for archi-cad?

would be nice if someone out there could help me... fast...
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Vector / object based programs such as AC, don't benefit
from the many virtues of tablets.

In AC, nothing needs pressure sensitive pens,
and nothing that can make lines get thinner or fatter,
no airbrushing anywhere.

Enjoy your wonderful Bamboo tablet with Photoshop and Painter.
It takes hours of use to get the feel of the pen, but lovely once you do.

PS in the interest of full disclosure: You can create a template on your tablet,
then click on the template to invoke commands, or place library parts or any
number of clever operations, without using keyboard shortcuts or opening
any menus. This was a major use of tablets some 20 years ago. But still, use
a scroll mouse even in this situation.
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I think the most unfortunate part of all of this is that I find myself not being able to work on a tablet anymore. My internship has spoiled me with cintiqs. I say to you, young wacom user -- don't switch over! Cintiqs are amazing devices, but most reputable business don't use them. Don't get me wrong. Wacom tablets are awesome. . .but it feels like you're going backwards. 😉