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A rethink on library parts - the "Part-module"

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Library parts
-still no 'visual' object builder
-version upgrade must be managed and can be problematic

A reasonably simple method to address this issue - the "part-module":
-create an object with native archicad elements. Copy and save as module from clipboard.
-Save modules into a dedicated folder for the project.
-Hot-link modules into the file and place as required.
-These "part-modules" can be updated easily by updating the MOD file.

However to really get this technique to work, some things Graphisoft could implement that would help:
- create the possibility of "part-modules" nested within projects - much like worksheets
- allow for different 'stories' setup in "part-module'"
- enable different plan cut level in part module so that plan symbol can be tailored.
- allow in place editing of placed instances of these "part-modules" so that these can easily be updated
- enable defining parameters of an element (e.g. wall height, width, length etc.) rather than a fixed number.
- enable definition of relationship between elements

Yes - I can hear all the GDL gurus groaning but for most users this approach is something they might use! Comments?

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Don't expect any groaning from the gurus. Something like this has been needed and a top wish list item for a long time. Some 3rd party attempts have been made but without some internal changes to GDL and ArchiCAD I think such efforts are doomed.

Though the particulars could be (and have been debated) I think most would agree with your proposal in general. It's hard to say if we'll ever see it though

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