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AC 25 Coordinate Problem


We have  problem about Coordinate tool. We placed our land and project according to the Map engineer documents World coordinates. We moved our Survey Point close to the Building and the Land. We set the survey points location as described above solution already.



We gave the Coordinates of somethings and property Boundary lines with Coordinate dimensions 25 object. It shows them According to the Project Orgin. Everything was good. It gives corrects coordinates.





This projects was on BIMcloud in our server. After a while there was an error on the model. Our colleague save the project in his computer and reload as a new Teamwork. We work on it with other views. Today when we checked the Coordinates had been changed. It doesn't show the World Coordinates. It gives like below.


something has been changed but We couldn't find the difference. All Location setting s are same. We tried to set User origin , It doesn't effect.

How can we solve this?



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