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Bathroom sink cabinet wanted

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Hi to all,

Does anybody has a bathroom sink cabinet with drawers and doors, I need one because the only one that Archicad library has it only have 2 doors,

Thank you to who ever want to share this object with me,


Karl Ottenstein
You can insert a sink into any other cabinet, of course.

But, you might be interested in Duane Valencia's 'CabinetOne' object in the depository: 12 Furnishings > Cabinets and Shelves

Or, direct link (without navigation) here:

One of the forum moderators
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I think you could build you own cabinet for less time it takes to post the question in the Forum! 😉

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if u can get hold of a copy of the australian essentials library (11 or 12) it has exactly this..

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PS: actually go for the version 11. version 12 has a few problems with some of its items, (including the vanity were talkin about)

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