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Curved filleted box


I want to create a curved filleted box. What is the best way of creating this?
I have previously made a regular filleted box but it isn't able to curve.

it is called as a sub routine then flipped and then called again to create a box.
HPRISM_ mat_prism, mat_prism, mat_prism, mat_prism, 
	17, (ZZYZX/2), 0,
	chamfer, 1,
	chamfer,		0,			mask, 
    (A-chamfer),	0,			mask, 
    (A-chamfer),	chamfer,	900, 
    0,				90,			4001, 
    A,				chamfer,	mask, 
    A,				(B-chamfer),mask, 
    (A-chamfer),	(B-chamfer),900, 
    0,				90,			4001, 
    (A-chamfer),	B,			mask, 
    chamfer,		B,			mask, 
    chamfer,		(B-chamfer),900, 
    0,				90,			4001, 
    0,				(B-chamfer),mask, 
    0,				chamfer,	mask, 
    chamfer,		chamfer,	900, 
    0,				90,			4001, 
    chamfer,		0,			mask 
ArchiCAD 23

Windows 10
Erwin Edel
If you look in the GDL Reference Guide and go to 3D Shapes > Shapes Generated from Polylines, there are commands like sweep, tube, revolve etc you would probably need one of those to achieve the curved shape you are after.
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

Windows 10 Pro
Adobe Design Premium CS5
The Hprism will fillet only "the upper" side of the prism.
So willing to achieve a "complete" filleted box - there have to be 2 of such elements placed: 1 "normally" and one "upside down" "glued" together (the statuses of the starting edges have to be set to "off")


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