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Custom 2d tree in Archicad 18

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Good morning

I'd like to create a custom 2d tree (under the site improvements/garden/deciduous trees category).
Can someone point me in the right direction to achieve this?
I use photoshop 6...and I'm wondering about file type and background settings in order to have a transparent background etc.


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If you mean 2D as in the plan view I HIGHLY recommend not using an image for this! Simply draw a symbolic view in lines, arcs, fills etc and select theam and save them as an object.
If you mean 2D as in billboard, best format is png with an alpha channel layer.

Hi Oalias.
You are certainly on the right track. The current Tree 18 objects allow you to use a custom picture for plan and 3D views. ArchiCAD already uses images so I don't see a problem, just don't make them high resolution.

As for the file format, judging from past experiences with imaging, PNG should be the correct one to use as it allows for transparency setting instead of WHITE background.

I haven't used this either but as an ArchiCAD subscriber in Australia you can download an OZBREED library from your login. I believe it has a massive amount of tree images you can use.
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