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GDL Syntax HighLight wit NotePad++

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[Moderator note: for some reason the message associated with this post simply said 'banned'. I opened the attached zip file and it seems to contain an XML description of the GDL language for Notepad++ which can be downloaded here:

This is a Windows-only program.

I haven't taken the time to try it out myself yet though. Obviously, one would have to paste their GDL into Notepad++ to see the highlighting, but this could still be a great help in tracking down problems. Perhaps the original poster would post a screenshot of some color-coded text. --Karl]
FWIW, I did pose the question to a GS representative at ArchiCAD Summer School in September this year, and there are no plans…

So (unless they have something under the hood), GDL editing is still doomed to occur in a non-syntax-colored, non-line-numbered, non-auto-completing mode.

Most Open Source software tools have this functionality. All commercial software developer systems have it. There are even complete Javascript and JQuery implementations to do this on a webpage, in a forum or whatever you use.

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Some users may remember of "Black Turtle"/(White Rabbit), and other attempts (3DNF scripter).
Not perfect, but pleasant. They worked both for Mac and Windows.
Yes I remember. It brought a lot of other problems.

It would be a first step, if AC would allow to open the source in an external editor like N++, which saves changes back to AC-IDE . A bit like the old Windows-DDE. I am shure GS will find an open source editor, which would offer an interface.
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Frank Beister
I have made some tiny corrections: sorting the types of commands and added some new ones. Work with current version. Thanks for the basic file! Defining composed commands like "IF THEN " is still missing.
But very helpful for a quick look into a GDL file.
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