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How to... Window label sill hight??

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Hello everyone

I need help with custom labels, I need window automatic label that would show window size (eg. 150x90) and hight of sill obove project 0.00.

Are there any tutorials how to create your own label? I need to add hight above project 0 to std archicad objet label.

Please help.


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Why not show it with the window mark?

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I need sill value from the project 0, not from the floor level. Window mark won't work (or I don't know how to do it:)

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You will have to modify the GDL Script of the Label used for this.
You can set Windows for their Sills to be measured relative to the Floor Level of the current Floor. To get the height value you need you will need to add to this the vertical distance between the floor level and the Project Origin. There are GDL Global variables for this purpose, you will probalby need the GLOB_HSTORY_ELEV variable.

Be aware that this article is old so some things might work a bit differently with AC12.
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