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Layers in ArchiCAD 15 objects

Gerald D Lock
I recently opened an object in ArchiCAD 15 to see how it's 2D symbol was composed in layers, but it seems that the layer control/visibility switches are gone!
?Any explanation?
ArchiCAD 24 (build 5004)

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) Apple M1 Pro 32GB RAM | MacOS 12.0.1

Melbourne, Australia

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open the 2D symbol window and Ctrl+L, than will open the Layer settings dialog.


Karl Ottenstein
I'd forgotten that this was changed in 15. Given that there are no new 'layers' (previously 'fragments'), or any new features for controlling things - I wonder why Graphisoft changed this? All it does is require more clicking, and eliminates the possibility of just glancing at the window to see what is visible.

Is there some benefit to this change that anyone knows of?

One of the forum moderators
AC 27 USA and earlier   •   macOS Ventura 13.6.2, MacBook Pro M2 Max 12CPU/30GPU cores, 32GB

Karl wrote:

Is there some benefit to this change that anyone knows of?

absolutely no.
Maybe the main GDL window is becoming a little "full of buttons", and that placement WAS not the best one (as the preview windows can show much more than the 2d symbol.
I vote for the Fragment buttons placed somewhere in the 2D symbol window (eg. at left in the lower scoll bar)

--Roberto Corona--
AC18 - ITA full on Win10

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