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Lot with High Mt. trees - Pines & Firs

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I am looking to do a major remodel on an Existing 1972 structure. The project is in what is Called a "scenic corridor". I want to Model the Site accurately and it is always the large Pine and Fir trees that have high Crowns with no limbs for often 30-feet. I have not been able to find a proper 3D tree. Any Ideas?

I will post pictures of the lot.

Lot 27 View.jpg
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Another picture
Lot 27 View_2.jpg
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Real looking evergreens, especially mature stands, are really tough (impossible?) to find models for. I have yet to find any ArchiCAD parts that would serve your needs. There are some other sources out there (Frog, Onyx Tree, etc.) but they tend to make large complex models when imported to ArchiCAD.
Erika Epstein
The pine tree in the library is the only one without the trunk height setting. All the others you can set the height to the first branch. You could edit the gdl script to add this parameter, or it might be easier to edit the script to add trunk height below the existing trunk. Worst case is to manually place a section of tree trunk below each tree.
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Karl Ottenstein
There is a bark texture in the library ... so you could make a trunk shape with the Shell Tool and apply the bark texture and stick a 3D pine on top of it maybe?
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The trouble is mature evergreens are only symmetrical in dense stands or alone in the open. Most trees around building sites are asymmetrical. I suppose you could use SEOs for partially exposed trees and the christmas tree on a stick for the ones inside.
Dave Seabury

I have a sketch up model that i converted to 3ds of a lodge pole pine.
I've wanted to see if i could script it in to a bit more flexible object but never found the time. If you want to try and mess with it (or anyone else) i'll up load the file. The attached picture is the lodge pole at 16' and then again at 60'

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