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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Modernized GDL Editor

Benjamin Dani

The GDL Editor is essential to many users' workflows, allowing them to create objects customized for their project requirements. The GDL editor was modernized in Archicad 27, and it now includes a range of improvements that enhance the interface, navigation, and script editing.   

Let's look at an object's script and explore some available features.   

Opening the script, you can already see some of the new interface improvements:  

  1. Line numbering helps to easily identify each code line.  
  2. Syntax highlighting accents different code elements with distinct colors, making it easier to understand the structure and organization of the script.   
  3. You can work in dark mode by clicking the Dark/Light Mode button. The improved interface will improve the script's readability and make your code editing process more visual and intuitive.   





When it comes to navigation, there are new functionalities that will make your GDL editing experience smoother and more efficient:  

  1. To hide certain lines of the script to focus on a specific part, collapse sections using the folding toggles next to the line numbers. Declutter your view and improve readability, saving time and reducing distractions with just a click. When you are finished, click again to expand the section.   
  2. When working with long scripts, avoid manual scrolling and jump directly where you want to go by using the code overview. This functionality visually represents your entire script, to efficiently navigate and locate specific sections. Acting as the script overview, click anywhere on the map to instantly navigate to that section, allowing you to move within the script.   
  3. The Find and Replace command (Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) was enhanced, for more flexibility and control over your GDL script.   





The introduction of new code-focused improvements will enhance your script editing experience:   

  • When writing your code, a list with intelligent suggestions based on your typing will appear next to the code line to help you. By reducing the need to type the whole expression, auto-completion will save you time and ensure accurate syntax, avoiding script errors.   





  • To further assist you, use code editing commands that can be found by clicking the Commands button. Here, you can access an extensive list of code editing commands with their respective shortcuts to streamline and speed up your workflow. We recommend using the keyboard arrows for navigation and the Enter button for selection.   





One new improvement that deserves special notice is the Multiple Cursors functionality. Place multiple cursors using the alt key on Windows or the option key on Mac and edit the various lines simultaneously, boosting your efficiency.   





A reminder that the auto-generating script option is now available on the user interface. Generate scripts from floor plans or 3D views by following these steps:   

  • Open an existing or new object using File > Libraries and Objects > New Object  
  • Go to the floor plan view and select the target object you need the script from.   
  • Once it is highlighted, go back to the GDL editor and choose between 2D or 3D script menus.  
  • Select the line you want to place the script in.   
  • Click on Generate 2D/3D script based on floor plan section.   




In addition, some well-known functionalities are now on the user interface too:  

  1. The Check Script button checks for errors in your script. 
  2. The Open object button opens another object without leaving the page. Macros used by our script can be opened by selecting the macro's name (or any object) and clicking the Open object button.  





The increase/decrease indent options have also changed:   

You had to use a button in the past because you could not insert more lines with a Tab. The button is no longer needed. You can also do this from the Command palette, and with the command's shortcut; it can also be done from the Command palette, with the command's shortcut.    


Use these features to upgrade your script editing power and create all the GDL objects you need.   


Overall, these new interface, navigation, and script improvements will streamline your GDL editing process and provide you with a more efficient and intuitive workflow. 


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