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Move center line when creating symbol lines in ArchiCAD?

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Hi, can anyone tell me how to create a symbol line but to manually set the anchor? see pictures. I'm thinking that this is possible because in ArchiCAD there is a type of line that looks like the anchor is defined, check out "Double" in line types. thanks

how to line 2.JPG
Be sure to draw the line components so the bottom or the top of the bounding box is aligned with the global origin.
Otherwise the reference point of the line will be automatically put on the center of the height

--Roberto Corona--
AC18 - ITA full on Win10
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I tried it all and still have the same problem. When i do the hotspot to "balance" it, hotspot leaves a dot.
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OK! I dug deeper and tried one more desperate thing, which actually worked!

Previously I tried to make the new linetype in an independent worksheet. That did not work even if placed to origin (default nor user). You have to do it somewhere in "3D space", e.g. floorplan, elevation, section. When I did the same thing in a floorplan, it suddenly started working.

Ahh! Thank you for this! I had the same issue with the worksheet. It worked!

Thanks! This has been driving me crazy, since I was trying to make scaled linetypes for detail drawings (which of course are independent), and there were all kinds of unexplainable things going on with the lines. 

You can also place an "origin point" with shift-alt / option-shift to the line, then select and copy them and paste them into the symbol line.



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