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Multiline - Drawing Title

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i ve read about the \n trick, that wont help in this case.

I am placing images as external drawings in Layouts and so the name of the image comes as a title. But it wont fit no matter what title preset i use.

I tried creating a custom title but no luck. Just a text with #DrawingName Autotext, but still it wont fit .
Ideally i would like it to wrap when it reaches the edge of the image. An offset parameter would be nice also.
Any advice please?
Barry Kelly
I have not tried scripting my own title object (I don't actually use them).
But I assume you are using the standard TEXT2 command for the title.
Have you tried the PARAGRAPH and TEXTBLOCK commands.
That way you can control the width of the textblock, maybe even add a moveable hotspot to control it.

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i haven't written any GDL scripts , i just made a text and saved it as a drawing title, but the font size is huge and the text options don't work on that. Also its not wrapping.
its weird there is no default option for text wrapping in title settings.

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