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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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New GDL Object Adapter for AutoCAD Released

The GDL Object Adapter is back. This tool allows you to share parametric ArchiCAD objects with AutoCAD users.

If they're working in 3D, then they can manipulate 3D paramters; if they're still living in flatland, they can still alter the parameters.

Advantage? Round trip collaboration is extended and enhanced. Adjust the translator to send AC objects out.

see this page:
Think Like a Spec Writer
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Karl Ottenstein
Interesting. I had wondered why we had the GOA export option and no GOA for AutoCAD... 😉 Option shown in screenshot attached.

And, I see that there is a 'Load GOA objects as GDL Objects as an Open Extras option for importing dwgs.

Nice to have this functionality in theory ... will be interested to hear from anyone who actually uses it in practice.

Picture 1.png
One of the forum moderators
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