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Nominal values in door marker - how?

I am trying to get a result similar to what was in ver. 7.0
- I mean when I set "nominal" values I would like them to display in the marker - but when setting it in almost all doors from 8.0 (or 8.1) library I get it wrong.
It is probably beacuse the nominal values are set through different parameters "gs_leaf_w" and "gs_leaf_h" .

Is there any possibility to read those values by the marker?
It would be easier to do it by marker change than changing the doors....
(I tried the new Request ("Assoclp_parvalue".... command but with no luck...)

Anyway I tried the other way - by editing the doors - but even if I changed the script so that door was displayed ok - but the wall still was cut to the nominal value.. I tried to analyze how it is done in 7,0 doors - but same tricks do not work...

Anyone did that?

Ok - I solved it if anyone needed (after some script analisis)
...(but the solution is not that elegant I wanted - must be applied to every door the feature is needed..)

the solution is true for the int library.

the 2 lines:

should be put into the MASTER SCRIPT of a door

and a value: "+(gs_frame_width-gs_relate_w_m)*gs_nominal_m" should be added in details in both X+ and X-
Y+ fields in DETAILS dialog.

Where "gs_nominal_m" is the new parameter that switches the whole thing on.

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