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Libraries & objects
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hello everyone i need help with objects, i want to create my personal template but i dont know how to set the objects to be in one color all the time ( i dont want to change everytime i put a new object in new project) this goes for doors windows. I hope i was clear with my question.
Thank you.

Barry Kelly

Objects in the standard library tend to use particular pens for various parts of the object.

In your template, you will need to set up a custom pen set that changes the colours of those pens to the colours that you want tho use (remember to also set the pen thickness).

You then use that custom pen set for your documentation.

Remember this will also affect all other tools as well (walls, slabs lines, etc.) that use those pens.


Otherwise you have to create favourites for every object that sets the pens to the pens you want to use.


Your final option, which is not a very good option, is to edit the default settings of every object in the default library and change them to the pen colours you want to use.

A great deal of work, and it means you have to repeat this every time the library is updated or there is a new version.





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Hello beratfazlija
You have 3 Options.

  • 1.Change the color of your pen set. The column number 4 is the one that the objects have by default.
  • 2.Change the color of each object, set and save as favorite
  • 3.Create a graphical override to change the pen color of objects.
    Choose the one that works best for you.

Thank You so much this was very helpful i will try this, and sorry for the late reply.


Hey man thank you so much i will try it to set up the template nice and good bc all this time i was strugling with every single objects and wals slabs etc... everytime i was changing and that cost me time, but thank you so much i will try it. (Sorry for the late reply)