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Request Zone_Relations in 3D script

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I have a problem with the REQUEST Zone_Relations
It's working fine in the 2D script but not in the 3D ?!

I use archicad v15

main script :

nomCat 		= ""
codeCat 	= ""
nomZone 	= ""
codeZone 	= ""
nomCat2 	= ""
codeCat2 	= ""
nomZone2 	= ""
codeZone2 	= ""

n = request( "Zone_relations", "", nomCat, codeCat, nomZone, codeZone, nomCat2, codeCat2, nomZone2, codeZone2 ) 
2D script :


text2 0, 0, codeCat+" / "+nomCat+" / "+codeZone+" / "+nomZone
text2 0, 0.5, codeCat2+" / "+nomCat2+" / "+codeZone2+" / "+nomZone2
3D script :

DEFINE STYLE "aa" "New York", 100, 7, 0

TEXT 0.005, 0, codeCat+" / "+nomCat+" / "+codeZone+" / "+nomZone
ADDY 0.2
TEXT 0.005, 0, codeCat2+" / "+nomCat2+" / "+codeZone2+" / "+nomZone2
ADDY 0.2
If i use parameters, it's working in 3D but my object dont' update when i translate it between zone 😕
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I'm not clear exactly what you mean by "translate between zone" but perhaps you need Design > Update Zones
Karl Ottenstein
I'm guessing that by 'translate between zones' - you mean you move your object from one zone to another and the text displayed by the object doesn't update?

I believe you have to issue a Rebuild command after moving the object so that the master script (which retrieves your zone info) will be run again to obtain the new zone info.

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Yes Karl, it's what i mean !

I'm french sorry for my poor english ^^

what is the rebuild command ? I don't find it in the GDL Guide ...

Thanks you !!
David Maudlin
jymDeveloppement wrote:
what is the rebuild command ? I don't find it in the GDL Guide ...
I think Karl is referring to the ArchiCAD Rebuild command (from the menu, context menu or keyboard shortcut) that rebuilds the 2D View (in plan) or model (in 3D View). This forces the GDL Scripts to run again.

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I try it and it didn't work ...

And for what I need, it must be automatic :s
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I just tested this with a 3D room tag of my own and it has the same problem. The only way the room name or number updates is by opening and closing the settings dialog. Rebuild does not help, nor does update zones. I don't know of any fix for this.