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Session report and finding objects

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I've been struggling cleaning up a model going from 3d dwg exporting as IFC from Autocad 2014 and then importing it into AC18.

So one of the issues was the 3D error.

I set the work environment options > imaging and calculations to full report. I find that really handy as it lists all elements by their element ID that has 3d polygons degenerated causing the issue.

Now the problem is that for some reason the naming doesn't always work and instead the session report set the name to '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' even though once you find the element, it actually does have an id. Now this is annoying. As Find & Select cannot find these elements it take ages to find them.

Anyone got similar issue? Any good tactic to quickly find these objects?

It would be a great feature if AC could output a link in the session report to the affected object similar to 'show selection in 3d'.

Stress Co_
Create a "Schedule" to list the objects (Construction Elements?) and then use the "Select in 3D" option.
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