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Smart scripting [HELP]

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Hello, i want learn smart scripting. Where i can found clear information for beginners? I want start from roof tile, like that:

Barry Kelly
I'd probably start with something a little simpler if you have not done GDL scripting before.

I still think the best source for beginners is the GDL Cookbook by David Nicholson-Cole.

Here is a link to an online version of Cookbook 3.

It is old (written for version 7) but it is still very relevant to GDL today.

If you Google a bit you may find a version in PDF to download.
You will also find a Cookbook 4 which explains newer features but I don't think this has ever been completed.

There are other sources.
The GDL Reference manual in the HELP menu of Archicad (free).
And CADimage have a GDL Handbook (or they used to) but that will cost you a bit.

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