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Stair settings/FLR PLN display.

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Hello ArchiCAD friends...

I've been using ArchiCAD for about 7 years now and I'e run into a strange problem. In ArchiCAD 19 I have floor/slab height change on the same story (1st story) of about 2'-6"... I tried to put in a stair with 4 risers (6") and treads of 10" (not that that matters) but when the stair is placed it shows 6 risers, numbering 4 as specified before the cut line begins.

So... 1, there shouldn't be a cut line, 2 being the biggest problem, the graphic floor plan display is wrong.
It is not a custom stair, just a library stair with rise/run settings.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Let me know if any other info is needed?
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