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TONDACH Add-on Problem in AC12

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Hello everybody,

I have downloaded the TONDACH Add-on for AC12 (from here and it seems that I can't use it (please see the attached images for details about the problem I'm having).
Could anyone here give me some advice regarding this issue?

Thank you in advance,
Adrian Tudoreanu

P.S.: I apologize if I have missed something obvious in the menu, as I don't speak Hungarian.

TONDACH Add-On Problem 1-2.jpg
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ila2 wrote:
You're right, the publicity was more interesting as the game.
Definitely. I hope next game both teams give us a better show.
ila2 wrote:
I think about thoughtfully, how manufacturers could more spend efficiently on the brink of BIM.
One thing for sure... Soccer/Football publicity is not the way.

Thank you Ila for your insight.
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