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Use WALLHOLE / WALLNICHE outside of Doors/Windows?

Emil Meijer
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Quick question regarding the WALLHOLE & WALLNICHE:
  • Does the WALLHOLE or WALLNICHE command work on objects outside of windows/doors?
Want to have an object cut a small niche in the wall, but I guess it's impossible without actually having the wall as a host?

Tried Googling the answer to this, but couldn't really find any clues.
While the GDL Reference Guide does have the description of these scripts in the "Doors and Windows" section, it doesn't really state if one can use it outside these subcategories.
Did you try it with a wall accessory ?
Felipe Ribeiro Cunha

AC 26, macOS Monterey
What do You mean outside?
If the 3d /2d content is going to be placed outside the wall - than the answer is Yes
but if you need the object that is not connected to the wall than No

But if the object purpose is to cut into the wall then either it will be automatically and connected to wall (moving along and so on - than it has to be a wall opening (door or window)
If the cutting has to be automatic but the connecting is obsolete - than use a beam

If the connection is mandatory but the cutting can be SEO - than it should be done via accessory (lvl:hard - doable but I would not use it for just one hole in the wall, because would be hard to use and has its weirdnes "in the package")
if none (either connection or automatic cut) is needed than it may be a standard object and then SEO'd from the wall.

Barry Kelly
As far as I know, wallhole and wallniche only work for objects saved with a window or door subtype so your objects will have to be a window or door object.

SEO will work but it depends on the object you have created.
If the object you see is what you want subtracted from the wall then there is nothing else you need to do - just use SEO.

However if you object is not suitable for the subtraction then there is a 'trick' you can use.

In the 3D script you need to add something similar to this - I use this in my shower object to cut a niche in the wall.
		!! use prism to cut wall when used in Solid Element Operation
		!! GLOB_CONTEXT = 45 !!!!!!uncomment this line to test prism position
		if GLOB_CONTEXT > 40 and GLOB_CONTEXT < 50 then
			ADD niche_hor_pos, 0, niche_ver_pos
			PRISM_ 5, niche_ver_size,
			DEL 1

This prism will be invisible in your object but will be used in any SEO that your object takes part in.

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