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What's up with BIMcomponents?

Jim Allen

When I first started using this, it worked well. I could download stuff and log in and everything seemed great.


At some point however something broke. The download link disappeared, and was replaced by the 'Drag to Archicad' option, which just doesn't work for me on Chrome. Why was this replaced? What is wrong with a Download option. These always work.


It might work on Safari, but for some reason, even though I have allowed cookies, BIMcomponents won't allow me to log in. All the other Graphisoft sites work fine, BIMcomponents doesn't...


That wouldn't be so bad if I could use the search facility in Archicad to find everything that is on the BIMcomponents portal.


Except that doesn't work either - I can see some items, just not all of them. By that I mean I get different results if I search from the website and inside Archicad.


Why something that ought to be so simple, so difficult?!

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Emre Senoglu

I think it was pretty much abandoned after the initial release. is pretty reliable and has a vast catalog of objects.

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No, absolutely not! I find BImObject is quite frankly - cr@p.

They serve completely different functions.


If you want a site full of Revit objects, and where the Archicad equivalents are proprietary, predominantly non-parametric, and not at all optimised, that's the site for you.


Most of the objects I have downloaded from there are basically converted dumb geometry from Max or Solidworks or fbx or whatever. Even the geometry conversion is poor. I don't bother any more. BIMObjects is just about money.


If you want a single mixer tap with a higher polygon count than the rest of your model, BIMObject has you covered.


If you want a site where you can download Archicad-specific tools and parametric objects - it's BIMcomponents.

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yes, you're right, but it's flaky as sin.

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