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creating new parameters with FOR NEXT loop?

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create rectangular symbol and give movable hotspot for each rect.

My code looks like this:

nRect = 3
unID = 100

for i = 1 to nRect
add2 1.5, 0

hotspot2 0, moveY, unID, moveX, 1+128 :unID = unID+1 ! Move X
hotspot2 moveX, moveY, unID, moveX, 2+256 :unID = unID+1
hotspot2 -1, moveY, unID, moveX, 3 :unID = unID+1

hotspot2 moveX, 0, unID, moveY, 1+128 :unID = unID+1 ! Move Y
hotspot2 moveX, moveY, unID, moveY, 2+256 :unID = unID+1
hotspot2 moveX, -1, unID, moveY, 3 :unID = unID+1

add2 moveX, moveY
rect2 -A/2, -B/2, A/2, B/2
del 1
next i
del nRect


What I aim for is that, each hotspot can move each rect attached to it freely, not all at the same time. Right now I can create new parameters like "moveX1" , "moveY1", ... and use them for each rect (using subroutine)....something like :

if nRect = 1 then gosub "rect1"
if nRect = 2 then gosub "rect2"

Then I realize, if I want nRect to be 20, I will have to create 40 more parameters.

Is there a smarter way, something that works like unID=unID+1, maybe? Any comment is appreciated.
Archicad 26, Windows 10, Corei7 3.4 GHz, 16 GB Ram.
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Hi Palawat,

you have to use arrays for moveX/moveY.

The unID is right.
Thank you very much, ila2.

I'll look into it.
Archicad 26, Windows 10, Corei7 3.4 GHz, 16 GB Ram.
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