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gdl objects with ifc parameters

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Can anybody please help?
I made some gdl objects that i used in a project. When i export the the model as IFC to Solibri, the parameter value dont show(hight and width).
Should i do anything in the script?

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I think it depends on IFC export settings if the
parameters are included or not.

You have two options to do this:

1. Export ALL parameters of used library parts via IFC Translators tab 'Export Options>Derived Model Data to Export>All Library Part parameters as custom IFC properties' ... not recommended though as you will get a LOT of stuff you dont need or want.

2. File>File Special>IFC 2x3>IFC Options and in there you can configure a mapping file with only the desired parameters for export. Instructions are in the AC Help (search 'IFC Options'). Obviously the recommended way, but takes a little time to configure properly.

Just a note of interest - parameters which are hidden from the user in the interface are not available for export through the 2nd mapping method, although the 1st method does export them.



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