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hiding shadows from specific objects

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hello, i was wondering if anyone out there knew how to write a script so that an object has NO shadows in open GL.. see attached image. i want to make the downlights have no shadows on the floor this is just a screen shot straight from open GL..

i use these open GL images as my finals. I have preset cameras already placed on my layout that i just move into place for each job. I just change their position then update them. using only the open GL.
I use these in my final drawings I rekon they look cool and they don't take any time at all as i don't ever hit the render button. they have a google sketch up sort of feel without the reflection. there are some wierd lines but people don't ever ask about them. changes are so easy i just do changes and update the layouts and I'm done. no rendering times.

I add light to the drawing by making my ceiling materials with transparency setting of 1.. this lets sunlight past through.

i guess a solution to get rid of the downlight object shadow would be to make downlight's materials with transparency setting of 1 as well. That would work
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There is a command for that - write
in the beginning of the 3d script.

Hope it helps, have not tested if it works
with OpenGL.
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Cool... yep 'SHADOW OFF' worked Thankyou very much also works in open GL

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