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Borrowed License can disappear after Installing ARCHICAD 16



After installing ARCHICAD 16 the previously borrowed license may be lost from the client computer in certain cases. ARCHICAD is not able to start with it and is neither present in the CodeMeter Control Center nor in the WebAdmin. However the license still seems to be in borrowed state on the license server.


This happens when CodeMeter driver 4.40 is installed in silent mode. ARCHICAD installer uses this method to automatically upgrade the CodeMeter driver.


Try to prevent the problem to happen by returning the borrowed licenses before installing ARCHICAD 16. If the license was not returned and disappeared during the installation it will be available again when its borrow period expires, after at longest 30 days. In case you urgently need that license you can do the following: On Windows: There is a good chance that the license can be recovered with these steps:
  • Open ARCHICAD 16 DVD for browsing its content
  • Go into CODEMETER/CODEMETERXX folder where XX is the appropriate bit value of your OS (32 or 64)
  • Right click onto CodeMeterRuntimeXX.exe and select 'Run as administrator'
  • Select 'Repair' when the installer asks the operation you wish to perform
  • If the installer shows a pop-up window that some files are in use by CodeMeter Control Center and CodeMeter Runtime Server select 'Close the applications and attempt to restart them'
  • Restart your computer
After this the lost borrowed license should appear again in the CodeMeter Control Center and should be returnable. On Macintosh: Please contact your local distributor.

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