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Buying Archicad Licence online


Hi. Has anyone bought licences through the Graphisoft online shop?


At first glance, prices aren't at the same level across different countries. Does that mean I can go to whichever is the cheapest? At the end of the day, it is just a downloadable soft-key that will work anywhere, right?

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@NMArchitects I recommend starting a fresh topic about the SaaS license issue.  I've not used it (although it sounds like a great platform) - but I thought I had read or heard that you can buy more user licenses from within the product if logged on as the administrator?  This article:


"you can change the number of BIMcloud User Licenses through the webshop interface. If you add more BIMcloud User Licenses, the change becomes effective the next day. If you reduce the number of BIMcloud User Licenses, the changes will be effective from the next billing period (following month)."

Not being a platform user, I don't know if this "webshop interface" is part of the SaaS interface menus... or is the shop linked by the OP here.

In any case, since support is provided by local tech support, I'm surprised that they could not help you with this issue. 🤔

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